Learn what a worldview is, why it is important, what your worldview is, and how to thoughtfully critique the reliability of other worldviews. 




Most people are completely unaware they have developed a set of core beliefs that colors the way they see the world and directs the way they live their lives. We call this set of core beliefs "a worldview". Everyone has a worldview, but not everyone realizes it. What's more, not all worldviews are created equal. Some are irrational, some may sound good but not live up to the hype. But only one is true. 


β€œThe question is are we aware of our worldview and why we hold those beliefs - and does our worldview actually match up with reality?”

- Sean McDowell, Ph.D.

Learn to Evaluate a Worldview

In Explore Worldview, you will learn the eight big questions that every worldview needs to answer, and how to evaluate the validity of a worldview based off of its answers. We will help you develop a filter to use to test any worldview.

Develop a Strong Christian Worldview

In these eight sessions, you will deepen your understanding of the Christian worldview and learn how to develop a strong foundation of faith in Christ - a foundation that lasts.

Help Others Follow Jesus

You will learn how to have spiritual conversations with your friends in a way that is engaging and hopeful by learning how to ask helpful questions, rely on the Holy Spirit's guidance, and to speak in an approachable manner.

Be Confident In Your Worldview

Walk with author and sought-after teacher, Jonathan Morrow, through eight engaging sessions and you will deepen your understanding of the Christian worldview. You will come away more comfortable, more confident, and more effective in discussing the things that really matter with the people you meet everyday.

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"Any kind of cross worldview communication takes place not on the basis of the equality of all worldviews but rather on the equality of all human beings made in the image of God."

Paul Copan, Ph.D.
Theologian, analytic philosopher, apologist, author, and Professor at the Palm Beach Atlantic University Christian

Digital Course Features

- Eight videos with 3+ hours of engaging content.
- Teaching sessions and interviews with some of today's leading Christian thinkers.
- Fully integrated mobile site so you can learn on the go.
- Downloadable study guides and small group questions for you to work through with your community.

Course Contents

8 Info-Packed Video Sessions

PDF Workbook to Follow Along

3+ Hours of Engaging Content

BONUS Audio & eBook

Course Curriculum

Everyone has a worldview. Today, more than ever, it’s important for Christians to understand what they believe and why. In this video, Jonathan Morrow lays the foundation for the course by giving six reasons for taking worldview seriously.

In session 2, we work to define what a worldview is using practical illustrations from everyday life, and Jonathan explains the eight fundamental questions that every worldview answers.

Different worldviews have different ways of answering the eight fundamental worldview questions - and how they answer them matters immensely. In this video, Jonathan addresses the three major worldviews and the prominent mood of Western culture - Postmodernism.

Christianity is a worldview that has answers to every one of the eight fundamental worldview questions. But Christianity is more than just propositional truths. It’s a true story. In this video, you will learn the overarching story of Christianity, from Creation to Fall to Redemption to Restoration

In this video, Jonathan gives us three good questions to ask when evaluating a worldview and we see that, when we test Christianity, it explains objective morality, human rights, free will, and desire better than any other worldview.

Many Christians today are unsure of what they believe and confused about Christianity in the face of other worldviews. In this video, Jonathan gives three tips for engaging other worldviews.

To build a strong worldview, we need reasons, relationships, and rituals. When we think this way, we flourish as human beings and seek God as our greatest good. In this video, Jonathan shows us how our thoughts and behaviors can influence each other to push us towards flourishing and seeking God as our greatest good

Christianity has had immense influence on people, cultures, and even the entire world. It has been a significant source of good in the world. To wrap up the course, Jonathan shows how Christians are called to engage the culture around them by being Kingdom citizens, creative image bearers, and a community of radical love.

Course Instructor

Jonathan Morrow - Director of Cultural Engagement and Student Discipleship at Impact 360 Institute

Author of several books including Questioning the Bible and Welcome to College and is an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University. Jonathan has earned master’s degrees in Philosophy of Religion and Theology as well as a Doctorate in Worldview and Culture from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University.  Jonathan speaks nationally on worldview, apologetics, and culture and is passionate about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers understand why they believe, what they believe.





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How a group license works: Your group leader selects a license based on the number of participants. When they purchase it, that person receives a series of coupon codes to distribute to group members. Each participant can log in and receive the materials themselves, or the group can go through the study together.


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