Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

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“I am grateful for this new course because it takes the powerful historical evidence for the resurrection and makes it accessible to all. This resource will challenge you, equip you, and ultimately motivate you to live more firmly in light of the truth of the resurrection of Jesus.”

Sean McDowell, Author of The Fate of the Apostles and Assistant Professor at Biola University

Be Challenged

You will be confronted with well-established historical evidence for the Resurrection that demand an explanation and, if true, will force you to examine the way you live in light of them.

Be Equipped

Be equipped to answer objections to the resurrection such as the conspiracy theory and the hallucination theory, the charge that science has ruled out the possibility of miracles, and more. 

Be Confident

Gain confidence in your faith as you explore the historical facts of the resurrection, and be equipped to confidently share the good news of the resurrection with those around you.

Explore the Resurrection

In this online course you'll not only learn why the resurrection of Jesus is the best explanation of the historical facts; you’ll also understand how it affects YOU personally and you will be ready to clearly and confidently share this evidence with others.

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- Exclusive interviews with today's leading researchers on the resurrection of Jesus

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 **BONUS** Access to hours of exclusive video interviews with leading scholars (John Lennox, William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell and Michael Licona)


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"Interesting, informative and valuable. That is what this course on the resurrection is. Given its theme, this might be one of the most important topics you can study. Go for it and come to a deeper appreciation about the resurrection."

Darrell Bock
Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, Author of Who Is Jesus?

"I have never seen an organization do such a good job of...training and developing solid Christian disciples and young people as Impact 360."

J.P. Moreland
Author of Love Your God with All Your Mind

"I really enjoyed going through this material. It was easy to follow and helped me to have a greater understanding of how to look at, and explain the resurrection to others. Thank you."

Derek W.

Course Curriculum

Why does it matter whether or not Jesus rose from the dead? In this introduction, instructor Jonathan Morrow explains how, over the next eight teaching sessions, you will not only learn why the resurrection of Jesus is the best explanation of historical facts, you will also come to understand how it affects you personally. After completing the course, you will be able to clearly and confidently share the good news of the resurrection of Jesus with others.

Can we even know the truth about the past at all, or is it just anyone’s guess? Before we begin exploring the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, we must know whether or not we can know the truth about history. In this session, Jonathan gives us five best practices for how to discover the truth about the past.

Who was Jesus of Nazareth? And who did He claim to be? There are no shortage of opinions about Jesus -  but which one is true? In this session, Jonathan Morrow, with the help of an interview with William Lane Craig, explains how we can rightly understand Jesus against the background of Second Temple Judaism.

In the previous lessons, we examined the context for Jesus’s radical, unprecedented claims to divine authority and laid the historical foundation for our investigation into the resurrection. In this lesson, we will begin exploring the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus by examining the three bedrock facts of the resurrection given to us by using Historical Jesus scholar Gary Habermas’s “minimal facts” approach to examining the resurrection.

In this next lesson, Jonathan Morrow, Michael Licona, Sean McDowell, and William Lane Craig explore two more strongly evidenced facts that point to the resurrection of Jesus as a historical event. 

The five minimal facts we have learned in the last two videos would make a strong case for the resurrection of Jesus in and of themselves; but there is still other historical evidence for the resurrection that requires an explanation. In this video, Jonathan Morrow examines the new beliefs and practices that sprang into existence seemingly overnight after the crucifixion of Jesus, and explains how this sudden worldview change provides further evidence for the truth of the resurrection.

In this session, we examine some of the most popular objections to the resurrection - and show why they just don’t explain all the historical facts that need to be explained.

How early did the belief that Jesus rose from the dead really begin to spread? If we can answer this question, we can answer the charge that the resurrection of Jesus is the stuff of myth or legend. In this session, Jonathan Morrow uses the resurrection timeline developed by historian Gary Habermas to examine just how early after Jesus’s crucifixion people began to claim that He rose from the dead.

In this course, we have made the case for the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. But if we accept this as truth, what does that mean for us? In this video, Jonathan Morrow and professor John Lennox each talk about the staggering implications the resurrection of Jesus has for our life now - and in eternity.

In this section we will answer the question "What now?" Jonathan shares the good news that Jesus’s rising from the dead means we can find hope in the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of our Creator God.

You will also learn about Impact 360 Immersion, an exciting leadership training opportunity Impact 360 Institute offers students coming to the end of their high school experience.

Lastly, we will share with you an animated short we produced to showcase the premise, challenge, and answer of the “Explore the Resurrection” course in a coffee shop encounter between two friends. 

At the end of this course you will be granted access to over 50 exclusive video interviews with some of today's leading scholars including William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell, John Lennox, & Michael Licona.

This content will provide even more context to arguments around the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. You don't want to miss out!

About The Instructor

Jonathan Morrow (D.Min) is a sought after speaker and teacher who has a gift for explaining challenging topics in ways the rest of us can understand. He is the author of several books including Questioning the Bible and Welcome to College and is an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University. Jonathan has earned master’s degrees in Philosophy of Religion and Theology as well as a Doctorate in Worldview and Culture from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. As the Director of Cultural Engagement for Impact 360 Institute and the founder of ThinkChristianly.org, Jonathan speaks nationally on worldview, apologetics, and culture and is passionate about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers understand why they believe, what they believe.

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